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Empowering You to Make Impactful Decisions Today

To help ensure the financial success of generations to come

Get to Know Us

Welcome to Lago Wealth Management

Committed to Simplifying Your Finances



Fiduciary Asset Management

As a San Diego-based firm, we develop hand-crafted solutions for individuals and their families focused on achieving their lifelong goals. Whether you’re local to the area or elsewhere in California, our commitment remains the same - to providing fiduciary investment management in your best interest.

Why Lago?

In Italian, Lago means lake. To us, the lake is a representation of spending time with family, enjoying life and having worked hard to achieve something that our loved ones can enjoy for years to come. As a firm, we strive to help you better understand your relationship with money and the goals you have in mind so that we can develop a plan to help you achieve your “lake”.

With Us, You Can Look Forward To:

Dedication to Your Needs

As fee-based advisors, we provide honest, objective advice in your best interest. With consistent performance and trust in mind, our success runs parallel with maintaining thriving relationships with our clients.

Timely Communication

In order to help you confidently enjoy your retirement, we provide constant and open communication, as well as market updates, to keep you informed every step of the way.

Independent Outlook

Our fiduciary duty is to act in your best interest when managing your assets. We recommend only the strategies that best meet your needs and, as an independent firm, we’re able to collaborate directly with you to develop personalized solutions.

Reflecting Our Values In The Work We Provide

You’re likely at a point in your life where you’re asking “What will it take to not only retire successfully but leave a legacy of impact?” At Lago Wealth Management, we take into consideration your entire financial picture in order to help ensure your needs are met now and in the future. Everyone has a lake, let us help you discover yours.

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Providing Service

Beyond the Numbers

Get to Know Our Relationship-Driven Firm

Lago Wealth Management was built with clients in mind. As a firm, we specialize in understanding your goals in order to collaboratively develop a plan based on all aspects of your financial life. As we discuss how you feel about money, we’ll establish the emotions you associate with investing and how to effectively help you reach your goals.

Paul Dunnicliffe Photo

Paul Dunnicliffe

Founder & Financial Planner

As the founder of Lago Wealth Management, Paul is passionate about helping people work toward their goals and discover their “lake”. He has seen people without a plan miss out on opportunities to achieve what they want in life. As such, he strives to help his clients achieve all that they aspire to achieve. Financial planning allows him to gain an understanding of his clients and where they come from in order to help them get where they want to go. 

In his role, Paul regularly meets with clients, their families and other financial professionals in order to address their needs under one roof. He helps them set goals, monitor and update their investments and serve them to the best of his ability. With a bachelor’s degree in finance from California State University San Marcos, Paul is passionate about education and offering the encouragement his clients need to make impactful decisions on their own or with his guidance. He is also Series 7 and 66 registered and continues to challenge himself regularly in order to remain aware of market and industry trends. 

Outside of work, Paul enjoys spending time with his family and friends at the lake, which is one of his favorite places to be. He is also an avid snowboarder, plays hockey and golfs regularly. As a proud Italian, Paul spends a lot of time with his family, enjoying their company and making lasting memories. One of his biggest passions is cooking, which he spent a lot of time learning with his grandfather and continues to do with his children and family today.

Working Together to Bring You Mindful Solutions

Lago Wealth Management works collaboratively with Commonwealth and NFS in order to provide the most effective recommendations to our clients.

Commonwealth Financial Network®

In our industry, Registered Representatives are required by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to affiliate with a Registered Investment Adviser–broker/dealer to process investment transactions on your behalf. Just as our clients are able to select an advisor they feel is best suited to meet their needs, as an independent firm we have the same freedom of choice in selecting our broker/dealer RIA.

From the many firms available to partner with, we chose Commonwealth Financial Network.

Lago Wealth Management is proud to have the opportunity for our clients to share in the benefits of our partnership with Commonwealth Financial Network. Excelling in their commitment to protecting your privacy, Commonwealth ensures that your investment data remains secure. From encryption standards to disaster recovery plans and other measures the firm employs, we are confident that the information our clients entrust us with will remain secure.

How Commonwealth Helps Us Serve You:

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Investment Choices

Commonwealth offers access to a wide range of investment options. We have the freedom to choose the best products for our clients based on their unique objectives, investment style and risk tolerance. As an independent firm, we are not limited by proprietary products or programs. 

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Commonwealth Advanced Planning Team

Commonwealth’s Advanced Planning Team includes more than 45 professionals with CFA®, CFP®, ChFC®, JD or niche credentials, and their experience spans estate planning, taxation, risk management, business planning and retirement planning.

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A leader in removing repetitive tasks from a workflow, Commonwealth allows us more time to focus on you, our client. Their technology allows us to have 24/7 access to your investments and financial markets. From reporting to trading, Commonwealth streamlines the process allowing us to operate with accuracy and speed. 

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Commonwealth’s business model centers on delivering essential service at every level of the organization - so that we can do the same for you. With regular access, we have the ability to give feedback to the firm’s managing partners. When we need help as a firm, their 2 to 1 advisor to staff ratio allows us to receive assistance quickly in order to remain prompt and efficient in our own business. 

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Research Team

Commonwealth provides institutional-quality research from experienced professionals. We are provided with timely economic and market analysis and how to best implement top ideas into our client’s portfolios and plans. With this research team on our side, we have in-depth and consistent support.

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Investor 360

Clients can expect complete transparency through Commonwealth’s Investor360. There, they have complete access to their portfolio, trading, contact, document and wealth management functions. Clients can also pull in outside assets to this tool to monitor and get full access to their financial plan.

Fidelity Clearing and Custody Solutions℠

To hold our client’s assets and investment accounts, we partner directly with Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions℠ (FCCS). Through National Financial Services LLC (NFS) they provide clearing, custody and other brokerage services to Commonwealth. Similarly, NFS is an industry leader with a long history of delivering excellent customer service. We have the utmost confidence in the proficiency with which NFS handles every trade, statement, report and other transitions for their clients. 

Commonwealth. FCCS is a service provider to Commonwealth and provides clearing, custody, and other brokerage services to Commonwealth through National Financial Services LLC (NFS), member NYSE, SIPC.

Create a Plan

to Help Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals

Passionately Structured Solutions For Those Nearing or in Retirement

At Lago, our services are built to help you understand your current finances as they relate to your future and the goals you have in mind. We’ll work as your partner to help you implement strategies associated with investing, retirement planning and spending. 

When it comes to portfolio management, we’ll approach your investments utilizing your tolerance for risk and associated time horizon. Over time, we will monitor your portfolio and assess any needs for rebalancing. Whether your goals are short term or include the future of yourself and your loved ones, we’ll address them one step at a time. 

Our Capabilities Include

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Planning for Retirement

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Managing Your Investments

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Estate Planning

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Life Protection Planning

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Tax Planning

money icon

Charitable Giving Strategies

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Education Saving

Let's Marry Your Passions with Your Aspirations

Discover How

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Saving for Your Future

What to Expect When Working With Lago

As a firm, we want to get to know you and develop an understanding of your emotional tie to money. Through a collaborative process, we’ll learn what your upbringing was like and how it relates to your relationship with finances today. Our goal is to help you apply true meaning to your financial picture so that it remains impactful in the long run.

Our Planning Process


Schedule an Initial Meeting

To get started, contact us to determine a time that works for you, or give us a call to learn more about the scope of our services. 


Discovery & Goal Setting

During our first meeting, we’ll take the time to gain an understanding of your goals and interests. Once we’ve discussed your needs, our goal is that you feel more confident in achieving the aspirations you have in mind. 


Planning & Portfolio Design

As we mutually decide to move forward with the planning process, we will develop and present our recommendations based on how your income, expenses and investments interact with one another. 


Review & Monitor

Over time, our relationship will evolve based on your preferences and what financial approach should be taken. Through our experience, knowledge and passion, we hope to instill long-lasting financial confidence as you move forward. 

Have You Applied Meaning to Your Wealth? 

contact us to begin

Resources & Understanding

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does fiduciary mean?

Lago Wealth Management is a fiduciary asset manager, meaning we are legally bound to make decisions and recommendations in your best interest, with every decision we make.

Are there any fees for an initial meeting?

In order to get to know you and learn about your goals, we offer a complimentary discovery meeting. During this time, we encourage you to ask questions and gain a better understanding of our firm, as well as how we work with clients before you make any decisions.

Where are you located?

Our office is located in San Diego, however, we work with clients throughout the United States. We’re happy to connect in person, virtually or over the phone depending on your location and preferences.

How will we communicate?

As a firm, we communicate in various ways from face-to-face meetings, phone calls and emails based on your personal preferences. We also provide market insights and financial industry articles via email and our website.

How are you different from other financial advisors?

Our team prioritizes our relationships with clients and we have a legal responsibility to act as a fiduciary to each of them when managing their assets. As a fee-based firm, we’re able to truly put your needs first.

How often do you review my investments?

We review your investments on an ongoing basis and will periodically make adjustments throughout the year to maintain your asset allocation in accordance with your risk.

Are you accepting new clients?

Yes! We strive to work with pre-retirees, retirees and their families. The majority of our clients find themselves asking, “Do I have enough to retire?” - our goal is to help them understand the meaning behind their wealth in order to not only answer that question but others they may not have in mind yet.

What should I expect when we meet?

During our first meeting, you can expect that we’ll ask questions that relate to who you are, where you come from and the goals you have for the future of yourself and your family. This time is dedicated to learning about one another and establishing if there is a mutual fit to move forward successfully.

Contact us to schedule an introductory meeting or learn more about what we have to offer.

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We’re happy to offer both virtual and in-person meetings that accommodate your busy schedule. Whether you’re ready to schedule a meeting, or would like to learn more about what we do, feel free to give us a call or fill out the form below.